Whether drawn from top-tier corporations or from the labyrinth of street culture, Hai Media Group always seems to know about the next hot thing months before it happens.

Andrew Paine Bradbury


Hai Media Group was so helpful in helping us to understand exactly what approach and strategy we needed to take.

Roxy Alexander

Chief Marketing and Advertising Officer at unlease.io

Dedicated, tenacious and professional.

Erika Brodnock

Chief Superhero, Karisma Kidz

I would recommend Hai Media Group to any technology startup who is looking for a hands-on, straight talking PR guru.”

Rohini Contractor

Non-Executive Board Director; Consultant: Data, Internet of Things

I recommend Hai Media Group to anyone starting to dip their toes into PR; they can design a strategy to get your name out there through the right channels, with the right content and timing, something so effective which is easier said than done.”

Eduardo Cordova

Founder, ExcusesToMeet (by PenceMe)

It's been amazing to work with such great PR experts of the Hai Media Group. They are very knowledgeable, dynamic and proactive!

Marie Proffit

Communication Manager at Aerowaves, WomenShiftDigital and body>data>space

Here is what some professionals have to say about working with the Hai Media Group’s founder Lisa Devaney:

Andrew-Paine-BradburyAndrew Paine Bradbury, Journalist, New York City

(Playboy, New York Magazine, Black Book)

“Having worked with Lisa Deavney the founder and director of Hai Media Group since the late 1990s, she has constantly proved herself to be an invaluable asset in the publicity field. We first met when I was an editor at Black Book magazine and she was representing CondéNet’s Swoon.com. Since that first encounter, I have gone on to work and write for other publications including Playboy, New York Magazine and others, and every step of the way Lisa has steered me towards exciting products and trends to write about. Whether drawn from top-tier corporations or from the labyrinth of street culture, Lisa always seems to know about the next hot thing months before it happens.”

rbDr. Richard Barbrook

Author and Lecturer School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages University of Westminster, London.

“I knew that Lisa was the one person who I could trust with the vital task of organising the launch of my new book: Imaginary Futures. She kept on the case in keeping the buzz going, including securing a full page story in The Guardian. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa.”

Ed-CooksonEd Cookson
The Sancho Plan

“I have found Lisa’s services to The Sancho Plan invaluable – professional, flexible and enthusiastic, Lisa has provided a range of support to our promotional needs. From short snappy blurb to more in-depth information, Lisa is a dab hand at creating attention-grabbing promo text, and her PR counsel and ability to respond to tight deadlines have proved fantastic.”

Visit: www.imaginaryfutures.net

leegrahLee Graham, FLCW, New York City

“It was exciting to be working with Lisa in the early days of the internet, and positioning one of the world’s very first dating websites — CondeNet’s Swoon.com, as well as the company’s Epicurious.com, Phys.com and Concierge.com to mainstream audiences. She was instrumental in helping CondeNet cross-over from the pages of IT journals into the leading pop culture magainzes, including Rolling Stone, People and even a spot on the Howard Stern Show. While lots of fun to work with, she also gets the job done and turns out impressive results.”


robert-andrewsRobert Andrews, Journalist, United Kingdom

(Wired News, Moconews, PaidContent, Blogging4Business)

“Lisa lives art-tech in real life. I don’t mind receiving her story ideas because they often read more like enthusiastic notes to a friend about a cool new product rather than yet another industry press release.”

Jocelyn-BrandeisJocelyn Brandeis, JBLH Communications, New York City

“Working on our first project together, Lisa and I collaborated our PR efforts for Showtime’s NYC Video Festival while I was at Showtime Networks.In addition to the excellent and positive press we gained for the project, we accomplished putting together young filmmakers and entertainment executives in New York City.Lisa and I have continued our working relationship over the years and still enjoy collaborating today.”

marcMarc Seago

Co-founder of WeWantWork

New York City

“I was very impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and energy Lisa devoted to our team effort with the WeWantWork campaign for employment. There we were in New York City following the terrorist attack (9/11), in the middle of a recession and at the brink of war – and she made sure the group got media headlines. The result of her efforts reached way beyond the City limits and the U.S. boarder: Europe, Africa, Asia and as far as New Zealand. Lisa’s positive energy was so well received by the members of the press that she was invited to present live on CNN, The Today Show and other TV and radio shows, and also received an invitation from the City of New York to present to the entire staff of NYC Department of Labor. Considering all the major events that were happening at the time, Lisa managed to secure more press requests than we could actually handle, and most importantly turned the negative stigma of unemployment into a positive! I think PRWeek’s quote speaks for itself, ‘No one can call these PR pros slackers!’
Throughout my marketing career I can honestly say that her achievement with WeWantWork was the best example of her PR capabilities – and one of the most challenging grassroots, guerrilla-style viral marketing campaigns for goodwill that I have ever seen. Without Lisa’s efforts WeWantWork would have never been so successful – and for this achievement we were also awarded a Purple Cow by Seth Goodin (Marketing Guru) – and more over many ‘WeWantWorkers’ would have had to wait much longer for employment. Her positive energy also inspired many others around the world – over 5,000 emails of support and job opportunities were received and WeWantWork chapters were created in Europe and in other US cities. Nadine Orosa, one of the participants, received a job interview on the first day of the campaign and was ultimately hired!”

View some WeWantWork coverage here: BBC, FT.com, Information Week, WNYC, CNN

WeWantWork Chapters: Boston and in the UK.


mfcMichelle Ferguson-Cohen, otonomi media, New York City

“Lisa has a time-travel machine in her backyard. That’s the only explanation for the fact that she knows what’s going to happen in culture, trends and technology a million years before everyone else. Seriously. She is so far ‘outside the box’ she can barely see it, yet she somehow able to communicate and work with people ‘in the box’ who may not share her vision. That is a tremendous talent particularly in these times.”

Visit www.otonomimedia.com. Michelle is also the author of the Books For Brats series at www.booksforbrats.com


Vijay Chattha, CEO, VSCConsulting, San Francisco

“Lisa has done wonderful work for us in the sectors of music, mobile, gaming, and anything else we send her way. Lisa has developed a reputation for fast turnaround, creative pitching, and unique and exciting strategy. She is a joy to work with and makes this whole PR business fun. Her experience lends her to almost any type of publicity and her tactics are ever evolving.”


Lewis Sykes

Cybersonica Festival Coordinator


“As a result of the increased coverage and attention we received for Cybersonica, we began receiving increased invitations from collaborators, potential sponsors and other valuable responses that are helping our organization grow.”

Barbara Anglisz, President

Adept Technologies

New York City

“Lisa has the rare ability to add creativity to complex business matters, productively. Our company Adept Technologies leaned on her to help position our brand in a B2B environment to reach a government audience, and we found her counsel to be valuable. She really got her head around our business model and helped make sense of highly technical materials – transforming our corporate branding and messaging into an appealing package that our audience can understand.”


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