DIY PR at UCL Innovation & Enterprise

DIY PR at UCL Innovation & Enterprise

Our Founder & Director Lisa Devaney will be back, for a second year, presenting to startups and entrepreneurs at UCL on Thursday, 2nd March, this week, with her DIY PR workshop.UCL Innovation & Enterprise

About 30 attendants will participate in the workshop sponsored by UCL, where they will get insight on how to earn press coverage, and build social media presence, for their startup.

In the three-hour session, Devaney will cover:

  • Developing communications strategy for your startup that will win headlines
  • The tools of PR (email pitches, press releases, press lists, and more)
  • Social media for startups and entrepreneurs

An honour to be part of the UCL offerings, this workshop is included with the UCL Innovation and Enterprise department. which launched last year. As part of UCL’s mission to support students pursuing entrepreneurial paths, they have seen more than 200 startups launch from the programme, including RecommendMe.

Here’s more information about UCL Innovation and Enterprise:

Our aim is to inspire a spirit of enterprise across UCL: to ensure that the economic and societal benefits of our research are fully realised. To achieve this, UCL Innovation and Enterprise brings together academics, the business community and other potential beneficiaries of our research in order to maximize its potential for commercialisation and ‘real world’ use. The goal is to secure our institution’s long-term place as a global leader in enterprise and innovation.

See more about the session here.


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Debuting The WoMentoring Project

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Help Raise Money For The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

In America, a friend of Lisa Devaney is seeking fundraising help for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). She’s suffering from a form of blood cancer, and it is not putting her off from participating in her 7th and final marathon, at the age of 65! She... read more

What We Did This Year: 2010

Hai Media Group had a busy and productive year in 2010. In fact, we were so busy that we didn’t really have time to update this website. The year was spent helping clients with PR campaigns, blogging, guest lecturing, and getting out to a lot of industry events. So,... read more

HMG Represents HipLogic for European PR

Hai Media Group is now supporting HipLogic with PR services in Europe, introducing media to the popular HipLogic Live application, a free download for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android handsets, that CEO Mark Anderson describes as being an “extreme makeover” for... read more

Shadow Blogging at London Fashion Week 2010 With Sara Blonstein

Lisa Devaney, head of the Hai Media Group consultancy, was invited to shadow blog alongside veteran fashion catwalk show producer Sara Blonstein, who heads event production company Blonstein & Associates, during London Fashion Week 2010. Devaney watched Blonstein... read more

Hai Media Group Offers Audioboo USA VIP Testing Programme

Hai Media Group is offering American media companies and individuals the chance to be part of Audioboo‘s USA VIP Testing Programme. The audio-blogging tool Audioboo is the UK’s most popular iPhone application, and is loved by the leading media... read more

Hai Media Group Collaborates With IF Communications

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PR 2.0 Training With Pinnacle PR

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