Beta Test: Calling all web developers, designers and DIY makers

Beta Test: Calling all web developers, designers and DIY makers

Hai Media Group is pleased to be supporting a new beta phase effort for Roktopus Scrapbook!

If you are a web developer, designer or DIY maker, and would like to participate in the beta test phase, please get in touch with us. Contact details are below.

Roktopus Scrapbook Logo

Roktopus Scrapbook Logo

Roktopus Scrapbook is a new WordPress theme that will debut with a full commercial release in 2016. We think that for the web design world this is going to be the most recklessly skeuomorphic new WordPress theme of 2016.

With original “helicopter navigation” viewpoint, rewriting the rulebook on how websites are laid out, Roktopus Scrapbook offers a new way for your website to stand out from the crowd. Other features include an in-built music player, allowing for uninterrupted playback as you navigate – ideal for musicians and bands. Roktopus Scrapbook contains six skins, with literally millions of permutations possible, and allows easy set-up for any photos, custom backgrounds, blog entries and tour date pages.

Coming to Creative Market in 2016, our beta phase opportunity will let you get a sneak peak at this exciting new WordPress theme before it hits the market.

Roktopus Scrapbook Screenshot

Roktopus Scrapbook Screenshot

And, by participating in helping Roktopus Scrapbook test out the new WordPress theme, you will get a FREE copy of this product that is valued at $75, as soon as it’s released.

So how do you get involved? Easy.

Please just send an email to and put HAI BETA: Roktopus Scrapbook in the subject line.

We’ll get back to you with further instructions.

*Please note that we have a limited number of beta testing opportunities available for this, so get in touch today.


Hai Media Group is a finalist in the bTWEEN08 Branding Talent Competition

This month Hai Media Group (HMG) heads to Manchester, along with other digital media creative entrepreneurs from throughout the UK, for the conference bTWEEN08, where our agency is a finalist in the Branding Talent competition.

VOTE! For Us!

Check out our Rare Fruits entry here:

How do you vote? Please sign up to the bTWEEN08 online community, a helpful resource for digital entrepreneurs, and clicking AWESOME for our entry!

HMG has teamed up with media partner Isabella Hu, of Ecolocate, a design consultancy, to develop the seed idea for an integrated promotional campaign to support Littlewoods, a popular online shopping site for fashion and housewares. We’ve presented the judges with our Rare Fruits concept, that invites customers to pick rare fashion fruits of popular brands from the branches of trees growing on islands. The virtual world concept wraps around what we’ve already been told about Littlewoods new branding initiatives to build excitement with a television commercial involving a desert island, scheduled to be aired in the 2008 holiday season.

Among our mentors for this experience will be 4talent (an innovation arm of the broadcaster Channel 4), Aegis Media, Just-b (the hosts of bTWEEN08) and Littlewoods.

We join other finalists to develop our seed ideas into a full proposal for the client, during a conference workshop, and find out Friday, 20th June 2008, if our Rare Fruits campaign is a winner. We are thrilled to be joining our digital creative peers for bTWEEN08, and hope we have a good chance at winning the cash prize of £5K.

Find out more about our thinking behind Rare Fruits over at Hai Media Group Director Lisa Devaney’s blog.

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